N4 - One Month To Go

I've signed up to take the JLPT N4 exam in London on July 7th, 2019. So, with just over a month to go, what am I going to do to get ready for the exam?

Day by day, I'll work through the N4 video course. For each grammar point presented, I'll create a revision page on JoJoJapan and add it to a JLPT N4 Index Page. I'll then review that grammar in the other resources, adding to the revision page as necessary. Each revision page will link to any online resources I have found or used.

N4 Video Course

A Japanese host presents the video course, with all explanations in Japanese with English subtitles.

Each section starts with a skit, a short scene acted out in Japanese. The section then goes through the key vocab, expressions and grammar used.

skit grammar explanation


I'll also work through the podcasts from, following their JLPT N4 Master Course.

JP101 Dashboard

Any keywords I encounter that I need to learn, I'll add to my flashcard deck.

JP101 Flashcards

New Kaizen Master Books

I have four books in the series, one each for grammar, reading, listening and kanji.

New Kaizen Master N4 Books

A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar

This has detailed entries for each grammar point, with lots of examples and related concepts.

A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar


Kanji practice!